S/4HANA Cloud

S/4HANA Cloud offers the proven functions of S/4HANA without the complexity of operating your own infrastructure. S/4HANA Cloud is the ERP from the cloud, operated on the infrastructure of SAP.

The software runs on the same technological basis as the proven SAP S/4HANA. Costly and time-consuming updates are a thing of the past. The entire S/4HANA cloud infrastructure is upgraded to the latest release status every three months. SAP therefore takes care of the updates, the operation of the system and brings with each release new functions that are automatically available. The software is operated via the browser and the new UX concept Fiori. You can also use the software on a tablet and are generally independent of the operating system (MAC/Linux/Windows).

  • First-class process quality thanks to SAP Best Practices.

  • Clearly calculable costs (TCO) including operation and support.

  • Efficient implementation.

  • Always on the latest version, new features and APIs without additional costs.

  • Operation, maintenance and support is provided by SAP and TeamWork. This means no expenditure for IT infrastructure.

  • Easily scalable.

  • An ERP software from the market leader without the worry of hardware, maintenance and operation.

Highlights of SAP S/4HANA Cloud 2005 Release

The second release of the year has arrived! With the power of solutions such as our full SAP S/4HANA Cloud, we ensure that you have an easy-to-use Cloud-ERP on your side, which is continuously improving and offering more and more features.

We would like to introduce the following four topics and functions of the current release.


It is now possible to monitor, approve and process payment lots for both SAP and non-SAP systems. A central hub for these activities leads to an increased degree of automation of the entire end-to-end process and thus to a better visibility of the entire cash flow.


The new Graphical Kanban Board makes it easy for you to constantly monitor your control cycles with the circulating Kanban containers. This innovation provides an easy-to-understand graphical monitor, which is represented by different colors indicating, for example, missing parts or bottlenecks for each supply area.


With the Order-to-Cash Dashboard we offer new insights into sales volume, profit margin and incoming sales and service orders in various dimensions. With this one-stop shop, you can check who manages sales and customer service for an organizational unit and view incoming sales and service orders.


To increase service excellence with in-house repair processes, we publish repair quotes as part of our SAP S/4HANA Cloud 2005 Release for Service. This function enables you to provide customers with cost estimates for requested repair items.


HANA In-Memory Database. Thanks to the technology, data is not kept redundant and analyses and reports are always based on real-time data.

The SAP Fiori interfaces based on HTML 5 guarantee a consistent, comfortable and flowing user experience.

The Cloud SDK for S/4HANA Cloud allows developers to create their own extensions. TeamWork is already working on several extensions for developers which will be available soon on the APP Exchange.

Native integrations with other SAP solutions possible. Moreover, the number of APIs grows with each release (every 3 months).

Technology / Cloud

Definition Cloud and Services

  • Operation of the infrastructure in the SAP computer center.

  • Backup and disaster recovery through SAP.

  • Customer data is stored separately, even if the physical hardware is shared.

  • Redundant data centers and backup scenario.

  • As a “Public Cloud” version, you benefit from minimal IT costs, do not have to maintain any servers yourself and receive high data security. The underlying infrastructure is shared with other companies.

Technology / Comparison On-Premise & Cloud

S/4HANA Cloud (Software-as-a-Service) contains

  • Quarterly updates for continuous innovation in the company.

  • New and enhanced features with every upgrade.

  • Access to the latest technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence for voice-driven applications, automated processes, application integration, etc.

  • Additional localizations and enhanced features in the existing language packs

  • Tested APIs (White Listed APIs) for easy integration of applications

  • Geo-redundant Backup

  • Learning contents

  • Patches

  • HW, SW and operation of the infrastructure and platform layer

  • 2nd Level Support

Technology / Security

Your ERP is immensely important for your company, so it is important to ensure that you are optimally positioned with regard to availability, unauthorized access, data loss or other disaster scenarios. SAP has a dedicated team that takes care of exactly these issues, 24/7. You benefit from the fact that a team of professionals takes care of your ERP and you are guaranteed a smooth running operation. For more information about e.g. the data centers (redundancies, security elements, etc), the cloud service status, etc. please visit the SAP Cloud Trust Center.

Scope of functions

The functional scope of S/4HANA Cloud grows with every release. There are already more functions available today than in other cloud ERPs. Here is an overview of the most important functions. The SAP Best Practice Explorer is available for a detailed view of the functions.

  • 4 Releases per year

  • Financially oriented administrative ERP that is structured to provide added value to all customers.

  • Strong “2-tier ERP” capabilities

  • Selected industry-specific functionalities

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